Horse Fencing

We Build Fences To Keep Your

Livestock Safe And Secure

Here at specialist fencing, I have been building and fitting horse fencing in Surrey, Hampshire, Wiltshire, Berkshire, Kent and Essex for the last 30 years.

All the work that is undertaken by me  is actually done by me.

I don’t put work out to sub contractors and that’s why I still have customers who have been with me nearly all my working life.Free Quote On Horse Fencing hampshire

If you would like a free quotation on any work, please call me.

I offer the highest quality workmanship and have many customers, who would gladly give a testimonial on my behalf.


Here is a list of the kind of fences that we build regularly


1. Sawn Post and Rail various sizes.

2. Full Round Posts with Machine Half Round Rails.

3. Half Round Post with Machine Half Round Rails.

4. Rustic Half Round Post and Rail.

5. Sussex Cleft ( Morticed ) Fencing.

6. Rabbit Fencing.

7. Cattle Sheep Stock fencing.

8. Horse Wire Fencing.

9. Close Board Fencing.

10. Chestnut Paling Fencing.

11. Electric Fencing.

12. All  Types of Galvanised and Timber gates.